Afrocks - Review


As I am entering my seventh month of transitioning from chemically relaxed to afro hair, I have been keen to switch things up and get a new hairdo, but with this came the fear of having to step in the hairdresser and endure hours of unnecessary agony and stress.  

In my previous post, Afro hair care – breaking the pain legacy, have briefly touched on my past experiences at the hairdresser and my eagerness to make my hair care routine more enjoyable. One thing I have always found highly irritating when trying to do my hair is finding a decent afro hairdresser online. Usually, most afro hairdressers don’t have a website nor are they listed on a repertory, and the ones that do can be overpriced and not always located in the most convenient locations. And let’s be honest, the last thing I want to do is walk in a hairdresser without knowing for a fact that my hair will be cared for the way it deserves to be.

What’s different about Afrocks? 

Discovering Afrocks has been a real godsend. Although I have only used their services once it has significantly taken off the pressure of doing my hair. Within days of deciding to do my hair, I was able to find a trusted hair stylist – all stylists must go through rigorous security checks before signing up - who could come to my house to braid my hair. The website was super easy to navigate and allowed me to pick my preferred hairstyle, length and size of braids, and choose a date and location to get my hair done. Based on this, I was then offered the option to choose between different hair stylists and see examples of their previous work, and past customers’ reviews.

I ended up spending around £70 and it was well worth the money. Being able to get my hair done in the comfort of my home was priceless. And for the first time in a very long time, I enjoyed getting my hair done and felt my hairdresser took real pride in doing my hair. It really made a difference.

Making good service the new normal 

This made me realise that websites like Afrocks shouldn’t be such an extraordinary thing – it should be normal for everyone to have access to qualified hairdressers and receive a good level of service, especially when dealing with something as important as our hair. We should all start challenging the status quo when it comes to afro hairdressers, and whilst it’s not fair for me to put them all in the same basket, we should not lower our standards and expectations for those hairdressers that don’t deliver and hopefully, one day, sites like Afrocks will become the new normal.