3 Tips to Successfully Start Your Self-Love Journey


Today, I wanted to share three things I have learnt since have embarked in my journey toward self-love - sounds cliché, I know, but well that’s what it is :)

#1 Self-love can only be found from within - For too long I sought validation from others in order to love myself. Whilst I value and welcome some people’s opinion (sorry but not all opinions are equal!) one thing I realised is that at the end of the day only me has control over how I feel about myself. Although I still have some way to go, freeing myself from what people think of me has been one of the most liberating feelings ever .

#2 Comparaison is the thief of joy - The reason why it took me so long to jump on the Instagram bandwagon is for fear of being bombarded with images of people living “The Life” and triggering the need for a full blown pity party because mine looked so dull in comparison. But, since I know social media can have an impact on how I feel about myself instead of steering clear of it I have been trying to practice the art of mindfull social media use (another buzzword for you!). Simply put, I have curated my news feed so I am not exposed to all sorts of craziness (goodbye profiles reinforcing unrealistic expectations of women’s bodies) and instead I try to engage and focus my energy on content that will add value to my day in one way or another like @iamkristel’s blog or @blackhairvelvet’s adventure in Mauritius and around the world, @thedollz’s hauls or @lydiadinga’s Sunday vlogs .

#3 Practicing daily affirmation - I recently discovered a podcast called Affirmation pod with @thejosieong. The podcast covers a wide range of topics from self-worth, believing in yourself and positive body image. Every morning I try to make sure this is the first thing I listen to. It kicks off my day well and puts me in the right frame of mind to tackle my day. Plus, the content is so easily digestible, and Josie’s voice is so amazingly soothing.