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A bit about THE blog

Coming to Spain is my attempt to create a source of useful information for travellers considering a move to Spain.

Inspired by my move in May 2018, I decided to throw caution to the wind and start a blog where I could document and share my experience settling to sunny Barcelona.

This is exactly what I did for about a year, but it quickly started to feel like telling my experience alone wasn’t enough. So I thought to myself, what’s the most helpful piece of content individuals planning to live in Spain – or any countries in the world - would need.

Any ideas? How to find a job of course! No matter what the job was, starting a job in the countries I lived in – both London and Barcelona – has played a huge part in helping me settle down, find a routine, meet new people and of course, earn a living.

However, how often do you hear the stories – good or bad - of how people got their job in a new country in the first place? Not a lot, but guess what one of the key purposes of my blog is to share those unheard stories in the hope they can help others, or at the very least, provide a helpful starting point for your move to Spain.

Being a huge Stylist Magazine fan, I used a similar format as their “A day in the life of” section to bring to life different stories of Spanish residents who moved to Spain from another country and currently work and live there.