A day in the life of ….


Occupation: PR Manager

Industry: Communications 

Age: 29

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Nationality: French-born, originally from Cameroon

 My alarm goes off…

It depends, between 6.15 am and 8 am. There will be days where I am very motivated and wake up at the crack of dawn to head to the gym and others where I will stay in bed until the very last minute to go to work. First thing I will always do though is checking my phone, usually I will have a quick look at my work emails, the news and Instagram. More often than not, I will leave the house in a hurry running for the train even though I live 2 minutes away from the station - go figure.

I’m responsible for…

I am in charge of the Public Relations for a Spanish start-up. It might sound stereotypical but what I love the most about my job is that no two days are the same. One day, I might be putting together the strategy for a new PR campaign and another I will be drafting copy for our social media channels or pitching stories to journalists. The perks of working for a start-up is that I get to be involved in projects that are outside of my usual remit which gives me the opportunity to learn new skills from a bunch of different people.

I got the job…

About a year ago now. This time last year I was still working in London for a PR agency when I started playing around with the idea of moving to Spain. I was extremely lucky and started looking for PR jobs online and after a month of applying for jobs – I explain the whole process in more detailed in a separate blog post - I heard back from my current company. I did most interviews from home via Google Hangout and went to Spain for the final interview. They called me on the same day to offer me the position so I gave my notice in my job in London and moved to Spain a month later. Things moved very fast from there.

Before moving to Spain…

I had spent about 7 years in the United Kingdom first as an Au pair in Kent, I then completed a BA degree in Journalism and Media, and worked in several PR agencies for the past 4 years or so.

Reasons for moving to Spain…

Putting an end to a long distance relationship and because after a few years in London I felt I needed a change and to start afresh somewhere new.

Advice to anyone planning to make the move…

Do your research, don’t leave without having some of the basics sorted out like your accommodation for the first couple of weeks, and ideally a few interviews lined-up as you may end up quickly run out of money unless you have got lots of savings - which I didn’t have. Be patient with yourself, especially if you do not speak the language, there are a lot of ways to pick it up without breaking the bank and make the most out of your time of course!

That’s it! If you happen to live in Spain and want to tell me your story, please do get in touch and I would love to feature you on my next post.